The organization shall be Sahodaya Schools Complex Jammu Chapter.
The office of the Sahodaya School Complex shall be the office of the Secretary.
  • The complex shall mean the Sahodaya Group of Schools Jammu (SGSJ)
  • The Executive Committee shall mean the office bearers of the CSSC elected or nominated as per the Rules laid down in Para 10
  • Year shall mean the Financial Year as April 1 st to March 31 st.
The Jurisdiction of the Sahodaya Group of Schools Jammu shall be confined to Jammu and its Suburbs. In the event of the any dispute the secretary is authorized to sue and beside on behalf of the complex.
The Objectives of the Sahodaya Schools Complex shall be:

  • To act as liaison between CBSE and the member schools in implementation of its Policies, projects.
  • To enable sharing of experience and facilities.
  • To promote inter schools collaboration through increasing inter-school activities among Sahodaya schools annually.
  • To encourage professionalism among teachers and educational innovations among institutions through providing opportunities for our teachers to attend skill enhancing workshops.
  • To promote academic collaboration through teacher exchanges, common science fairs, joint seminars, workshops, exchange of library facilities, production of teaching aids, preparing question banks and conduct of common examinations among member schools.
  • To provide a forum for active participation among the member schools in developmental activities.
  • To provide a forum for active participation in the field of sports & Cultural activities.
  • Any other activity that enhances the academic/professional growth of the school/Sahodaya complex/board.
The SGSJ shall be a non-political, non-religious, non-commercial body meant totally for “Educational Advancement” of its members. It shall aim at academic and professional growth of the members and their constituent staff. The CSSC shall function in an advisory capacity and shall not be involved directly or indirectly in the academic and/or administrative functioning of the member institutions.

Sahodaya School Complex is a group of neighbourhood schools voluntarily coming together to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation and pedagogy and also providing support services for teachers and students. It is indeed an interactive platform for schools to deliberate upon the different policies and guidelines of the Board and provide effective feedback on their implementation to establish new benchmarks of quality.  There is no doubt that much more knowledge is generated when a team or group committed to a common goal undertakes the task of re-modeling and re-fashioning in a spirit of caring and sharing. Thus Sahodaya introduces the relevance of co-operative learning and collaborative networking.  This is further facilitated by the annual Sahodaya Conference held every year to critically examine the relevant issues and evolve a viable and effective framework of action. At present there are around 130 Sahodaya School Complexes active across the country with a network involving over 2500 schools.  This unique movement has provided an opportunity to institutions to become proactive and enterprising in varied fields of school education.

Orientation programmes, seminars and workshops for teachers/students/Principals on various themes.
Joint programmes for home examinations, sports and cultural activities, inter school competitions, exhibitions etc.
Discussion on implementation of circulars and guidelines issued by the Board from time to time.
Taking up community development projects on adolescence education programme, road safety, consumer awareness, peace education etc. It is necessary to strengthen the Sahodaya Movement by taking it to remote and unrepresented areas.
Bhopal Sahodaya Complex, has been one of the most active & enthusiastic.

The diverse array of activities carried out by SSC’s include the following:

The activities / Programmes organized under it include the following:-

  • Principals’ Meet
  • Discussion on implementation of circulars and guidelines issued by the Board from time to time.
  • Joint programmes of all member schools for home examinations, sports and cultural activities, inter school competitions, exhibitions etc.
  • Creating health& wellness clubs.
  • Generating awareness on environment sensitivity.
  • Workshops for teachers & students related to various subjects as per CBSE curriculum at different levels-primary, secondary & +2 stage Seminars on adolescence awareness its related issues
  • Organising peace march & gatherings of the member schools
  • Sharing of expertise among member schools of Sahodaya
  • Organising national event in a joint venture.
Through the idea of Sahodaya Schools complexes was first mooted by the Education Commission 1966. It was the National policy on Education, 1966 which reiterated in strong words the need for promoting school complexes for meeting the quality of education. This set the tone for bringing the schools together and networking them for healthy interaction among themselves .The first national conference of Principals of CBSE affiliated schools organized by CBSE in collaboration with APSC Madras in 1985 emphasized collaboration among schools and establishing linkages in academic and other co-curricular and cultural activities.   The idea of Sahodaya School Complexes was further concretised when CBSE, jointly with NPSC, organized a two day conference of school principals and teachers in Delhi in October 1986. The resolution number 5 stated “Accepting the necessity for establishing school complex (es) which may be named SS complexes so that isolation that exists today between the schools will give way to partnership among schools within the complexes and they will work and rise together”. The year 1987 saw a further boost to the idea of setting up of SS complex (es) when CBSE in pursuance of the National Policy of Education, 1986 used a booklet titled “Implementation of National policy on Education in CBSE affiliated Schools-Program of Action for three years” which reiterated school complexes and resolved to encourage the process of setting of Sahodaya School Complexes.