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Sahodaya Group of Schools Jammu

Sahodaya, a concept literally meaning ‘Rising Together’ came into being in the year 1986, to facilitate synergy of ideas among the schools of CBSE family at excellence in the education. A Sahodaya School Complex is a group of neighborhood schools voluntarily coming together to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation and pedagogy and also providing support services for teachers and students.

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Building Relationship, developing leadership and focusing on school as the “hub” of our community.

A A futuristic vision of schooling needs to embrace various sections of society with a view to establishing social justice in terms of equality of opportunities. Education must fight against any inequity and respond to social, cultural, emotional and economic needs of the learners.The Board as a leader and change agent in schooling needs to move from opposition of exclusive education to inclusive education to

bridge the gap between different segments of student population. The changes and futuristic trends that we witness need to be responsive to the increasing multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi ethnic trends in the society. Pluralism and diversity characterize the current reality and hence future schools should address these issues while evolving the conceptual framework.

Building Relationship, developing leadership and focusing on school as the “hub” of our community, we are more likely to create an environment where our students are building a bright future both today and tomorrow.
Every Child is Unique: which means every child is different in terms of abilities,learning styles, interests, personality, and overall behaviour. When we believe and identify that every child is unique it gives us a perspective to understand, focus our efforts, and address each child in a better way. It helps to create a learning environment that is stress-free, emotionally comfortable, and joyful to every child.
To develop Leadership.
Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest.
To act as policy formulation units: to make and regulate.
Implementation of policy units.
Centralisation; decentralisation.
To deliver excellent performance and expected results.
Authority, responsibility and accountability.
Unity of Direction.
Unity of Command.
Discipline among our students, teachers and system.

Administrative Setup

Mr. Pramod Srivastava
Mr. Pramod SrivastavaPRESIDENT
Principal, MIER
Dr. Kunal Anand
Dr. Kunal AnandSECRETARY
Principal, DPS Udhampur
Mr. Kundan Lal Dogra
Mr. Kundan Lal DograTREASURER
Principal, MV International School, Vijaypur
Mrs. Vikesh Kaur
Mrs. Vikesh KaurPRO
Principal, Doon International School, Jammu
Mr. Anil Pathania
Principal, JK Public School , Kathua

Jammu Sahodaya Schools complex launched the Peer Educators programme for Jammu schools

Jammu Sahodaya Schools complex launched the Peer Educators programme for Jammu schools today. The session was attended by more than 200 participants comprised of illustrious Principals, coordinators, and the future of India, which is peer

Interschool Patriotic Singing Competition held at Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu

In the era of westernization where our youth is inclined towards western music, we attempted to channelize their inclination towards patriotism which is somehow has been suppressed. With this decree, we organized an INTERSCHOOL PATRIOTIC