1.   The 1st General Body Meeting, for the session 2019-20, chaired by Ms Nirmal Mahna, President JSSC, was held in the Conference Room of Hotel Radisson Blue Jammu, on 13 May 2019 at 4.30pm.
  1.   The following were present in the meeting:-

Ms Nirmal Mahna

Mr  SK Singh

Mr Rajesh Rathore

Mr Anil Pathania

Dr Vikesh Kaur

Mr KCS Mehta

Mr Akash Pradhan

Sr. Hema

Mr Ramesh

Mr Rahul Kapoor

Dr Kunal Anand

Dr Vivek Arora

Dr Jitender Singh

Ms Harpreet Kaur

Mr RK Srivastava

Ms Shifali Jamwal

Mr Tarun Bahl

Principal DPS Kathua

Principal JK Public School

Principal G.D Goenka School

Principal JKPS Kathua

Principal Doon International School

Principal APS Akhnoor

Principal Heritage School

Principal Presentation Convent

TR Principal Banyan International School

Principal Mount Litera Zee Tarore

Principal DPS Udhampur

Principal Bhargava Public School

Principal Birla Open Minds School

Principal Kartar Public School Kathua

Principal Model Academy Jammu

Vice Principal Jodhamal Public School

Rep British International School


Gen Secretary


Tech. S. Officer





3. Agenda for the Meeting;-

  • Welcome address, Vision & Mission by Mr SK Singh, General Secretary JSSC


  • Introduction of new members to the House by the Gen Secretary, JSSC
  • Review of the Activities of Jammu Sahodaya by the Gen Secretary, JSSC
  • Finalization of Sahodaya Activities Calendar 2019-20.
  • Income & Expenditure Report 2017-19 by Mr Rajesh Rathore, Treasurer JSSC
  • A presentation on the topic ‘ Challenges and solutions in upgrading the JSSC Website’ by Mr Anil Pathania, Technical Support Officer, JSSC
  • Address by the President JSSC, Ms Nirmal Mahna on the topic ‘Collective vision & implementation strategies of JSSC in the session 2019-20’.
  • Open House for discussion / debate / brain storm
  • Any other matter with the permission of Chair
  • Vote of thanks by Dr Vikesh Kaur, PRO JSSC


4. Before proceedings of the House, two minutes silence was observed to pay tribute to the departed soul, Ms Rattna Mallick, Principal APS Jammu Cantt.

Points Discussed

5.   Welcome Address by Mr SK Singh, General Secretary. In his welcome address, Mr SK Singh, General Secretary JSSC paid greetings to all members from the core of heart and extended a warm welcome to the new members, and wished them a fruitful and long association with Jammu Sahodaya. The new members were requested to introduce themselves to the August House.

6.   Addressing the house, Mr SK Singh said that we will take today’s meeting, very smooth, pointed and directed.  The vision of Jammu Sahodaya is clear and that is building relationship, developing leadership and focusing on school as the ‘hub’ of our community, and to create an environment where our students can build their bright future.  We have  designed, defined and specified mission for 2019-20, for our students, parents and teachers, which include parent’s issues, legal issues, academic issues and other areas of interest.  The array of calendar designed by JSSC itself takes the board to its mission. All the practices, which we are carrying forward, will continue. 


7.  Array of Activity Calendar. The activities calendar for 2019-20 was discussed and dates allocated to the hosting schools with due consent of the members of the house.  However, all the events could not be finalized due to some members away on leave / duty. The activity calendar with dates finalized so far is enclosed at Annexure-I.  Those members, who could not attend the meeting due to administrative reasons, are requested to give a suitable date for the event allocated to their school.

8.   Address by the President, Ms Nirmal Mahna. Addressing the august gathering, President Ms Nirmal Mahna thanked all the present members for sparing valuable time from their busy schedule and gracing the meeting.  She said, we all have a collective vision. Our main focus is our children. While working at such a biggest Sahodaya platform, we can share our experiences; the best practices we want to be implemented in our schools.  Last year was quite good; we received full cooperation and support from our member schools. To manage such a large participation of 300 to 400 students at a time in one event is really a tough task. Notwithstanding, our worthy Principals extended full support and conducted the events with zeal and enthusiasm.  We appreciate the efforts of everyone. 

9.   Our collective vision is to focus on our children, provide them every possible opportunity and to make them responsible citizens. We need to understand the values of education. Besides training of our teaching fraternity; we need to educate our parents at grassroots level as how to address the problem of their child. We need to incorporate the parents before working on any suggestion.

10. There is a requirement to counsel the parents on certain sensitive issues like bullying, bunking from class, poor performances of their child, not doing home work properly, having casual approach to the studies etc.  And, this we can achieve with collaborative efforts of all our member schools. 

11. The members suggested that there should be a parents counseling on a specific topic so as to groom and motivate the parents.  To avoid objections by the school management, it was suggested that counselling session of parents of a particular school should be done by the Principal of other school, as a resource person.  The suggestion was well appreciated by all the member school.

12.  Training Programme 2019-20 for Students / Teachers / Principal / Parents. The various topics suggested by the member Principals are given below:-

  • Mr Kunal Anand, Principal DPS Udhampur
  • Happiness Curriculum 
  • Art of Teaching
  • Leadership in Education
  • Stress Management.


  • Mr Tarun Bahl, British International School
      • Skill Training for teachers
      • Teachers Training on activity based learning
      • How to teach UOI?
      • How to teach practically in the class?
  • Mr PK Srivastava, Principal Model Academy
  • Chemistry
  • English Language at 10th standard
  • Mr KCS Mehta, Principal APS Akhnoor
  • Innovation in Teaching Maths
  • Dr Vikesh Kaur, Principal Doon International School
  • Need and responsibility of Human Resources in a School
  • Mr Rahul Kapoor, Principal Mount Litera Zee, Tarore
  • Stress Management for students.   

13.  Updating of Sahodaya Website. Mr SK Singh said that updating information on Sahodaya website is a long pending issue. We have been constantly requesting our member schools to provide photo and profile of their school for uploading on Sahodaya Website, but is still awaited.  We, once again, request our Eduleaders to provide their picture and profile. They can also send some good suggestions for improvements, needs to be done on the website. Some education related video with write-up are also invited for uploading on Sahodaya website.  In this regard, Mr Kanav was told to share his contact details with all the member schools.

14. Vote of Thanks.  Dr Vikesh Kaur, PRO JSSC proposed the vote of thanks and extended gratitude on behalf of the Apex Body to all members present in the meeting.  She said, General Body Meeting is held once in a three months, where we can discuss various issues before us and look for a better solutions. We all are a team and will work like a team. There is no win-win position for any particular individual. It is a proud privilege to be part of such a reputed organization Sahodaya Jammu.  Whatever, we do as a team will definitely bring success and glory to Jammu Sahodaya. Keeping in mind the Mission and Vision of Sahodaya, let us Rise Together, work together and decide together as how to make our children a better citizen.  We hope there will be better strength in the next GBM.

  (SK Singh)

General Secretary

Sahodaya Schools Complex

Jammu Chapter

Date : 14 May 2019





S.No Events / Activities Dates Host School
1 Poetry Recitation (Jr / Sub Jr) Class 2,3,4,5 17 Oct 2019 Doon International School Jammu
2 Debate ( Hindi) Middle (VI to VIII) 07 Sep 2019 Mount Litera Zee School Tarore
3 Inter-School painting competitions 19 Oct 2019 DPS Udhampur
4 Football Boys (Jr) U-14   Police Public School  Miran Sahib
5 TT Boys & Girls (U-14 & U-17) 29-30 Aug 2019 GD Goenka School Jammu
6 Science Exhibition   APS Damana
7 Badminton (Boys – Girls)    
8 English Declamation Juniors (VI-VIII)   Stephen International School Miran Sahib
9 English Debate (Jr) III to V   MV international School, Vijaypur
10 English Declamation Sr (IX-XII)   Jammu Sanskriti School, Ismailpur Kothe Bishnah
11 Painting (Jr) III to V   Spring Dales Muthi Jammu
12 Quiz (VII, VIII, IX)   International Delhi Public School Kathua
13 Folk Dance (IX-XII)   Jammu Sanskriti School, Ismailpur Kothe Bishnah
14 Folk Song (VI to VIII) 10 Dec 2019 British International School
15 Eng Debate (Sr) (IX-XII) 17 Aug 2019 Model Academy Jammu
16 Swimming 16 Aug 2019 Jodhamal Public School
17 Judo 02 Aug 2019 G.D Goenka School
18 Volleyball   JK Public School Kunjwani
19 Chess 29 July 2019 Heritage School Sainik Colony
20 Debate (Hindi) Sr (IX-XII)   DS Heritage Kathua
21 Basketball (Girls) 04-05 Oct 2019 Banyan International School & APS Akhnoor at MA Stadium
22 Basketball (Boys)
23 Skating   JK Public School Kathua
24 Volleyball (Girls)   Tiny Scholars, Kathua
25 Volleyball (Boys)   BSF Sr Sec School Paloura
26 Football Boys (Sr) 29-30 Nov 2019 DPS Rajbagh Kathua
27 English Debate (Middle) (VI to VIII) 30 Nov 2019 Bhargava Public School Samba
28 Athletics   Sainik School Nagrota
29 Debate (Hindi) Juniors   Minerva Public School Kathua
30 Patriotic Group Song Jr & Sub-Jr   Rich Harvest School BD Bari
31 Essay Writing (Hindi / Eng) 07 Dec 2019 Kartar Public School Kathua
32 Collage Making competitions 31 Aug 2019 Presentation Convent Gandhi Nagar